I did a YouTube video no how you can read AIXM 5.1 vertical structures, which is where the obstacle data is stored. As more countries start releasing their data in formats like AIXM there is an increasing need to be able to read the format and extract the relevant information.

Viewers available are just that and will not allow us to do more than check how the data might look but by using opensource GIS like QGIS we can leverage the capabilities it has to read the somewhat obscure format that AIXM is and transform the data to other formats to use in other GIS or CAD tools. The best part is that you will not need to be a programmer or know how to script in order to do this as QGIS out of the box by using GDAL imports the AIXM data and for points it works really great.

If you are Instrument Flight Procedure Designer, and Aeronautical Cartographer or just someone that wants to visualized these type of data, here go watch the video and if you find it useful go subscribe!


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