Civil Engineer graduated from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH @2008) with an unfinished Masters in Project Management from UNITEC Honduras (about 80% of pensum) , working since 2008 on Civil Aviation matters in which I mainly do Aeronautical Cartography including AIXM, GIS Database, PANS OPS procedure design (Conventional and PBN) for the departure and approach of aircraft, obstacle assessment, etc. I also did consulting work related to this fields and GIS including past projects for ICAO Technical Cooperation Bureau (TCB).

Used to work freelance PANS OPS and PBN work for gCAP Ltd  UK(2012-2017) until its Manager Director decided to take an early retirement and sell it to Osprey Consulting

I have over 10 years of experience working with GIS (ESRI, QGIS, Postgis) and have recently become interested in using open source software and programming like python, javascript, HTML & CSS. Also since 2017 been doing training around the world for Instrument Flight Procedure Design (Singapore, Costa Rica and Guyana)

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Sten Ravhed · May 19, 2020 at 1:29 pm

we are small Swedish company starting up to add AIXM and production to our portfolio. we are long time inside database cartography and have Aero customers,
We are interested to see if we could find some way of working together with you since we will move our production from ESRI to QGIS.
We ave also a web system in our portfolio that are 100 % OPEN SOURCE.
Please try to explain how you think we could work together.
my name is Sten Ravhed an are CEO of the company.

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