After just a few days of finishing the Obstacle Limitation Surfaces Symposium 2021 event ICAO has made available the recorded videos at ICAO TV

This is how it looks once you enter the ICAO TV portal, after you watch the videos you can go read our review at the previous blog post and see if you agree/disagree or have other opinions!

It is good that ICAO decided to post up this event and that it is free to be watched, with the videos now online I am sure more people will be aware of the proposed new changes and probably a lot more questions could arise from them. In order to have a better and more robust system I strongly believe that change needs to be made on how the structure of the material to be incorporated into documents is to be done, more public awareness and actually developing the standards in the open similar to the open source way of doing things would allow for a more mature set of guidelines that are more than widely accepted and that also take into consideration the needs and challenges of those States that usually do not participate in ICAO Panels.

ICAO Panels for the most part are only attended by well funded States that have more resources including very well trained staff, but other countries also have good technical staff however can not participate in on-site events due to the budgetary constraints of travel and accommodation. With more remote work coming our days maybe the majority of the events can be done remotely as well or at least provide a video feed for experts from around the world to at least observe and present questions via chat which may or may not be taken into consideration for the development of standards.

We truly believe a more open ICAO standard process will democratize the information and provide for more safety and regularity of operations.


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