The Five things I wished for better eAIP use

There are some things I wish were done with the eAIP to make it better and more useful not only for users but for publishing AIM staff

The eAIP or electronic aeronautical information publication is a huge improvement over the previous paper only version, it may not seem to be that way as we are still producing a paper-like version in PDF but it does bring us closer to the goal of becoming digital first. In this episode I’m going to be talking about “The Five things I wished for better eAIP use” this is the AIM 101 podcast “Bringing a different perspective about AIM” my name is Antonio Locandro and welcome to the show

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AIMIND – ICAO Doc 8400 Abbreviations and Codes as a machine readable csv

AIMIND is short for Aeronautical Information Management Integrated data, it is not a system but an attempt to free from PDF information that can be instead be used in a machine readable alternative, the intention is to provide in csv format those tables currently siloed within PDF so that they can be downloaded and added to any system you can create or just open up with your favorite spreadsheet viewer and run a search on it.