I have been working in aviation since 2008 and in about 2 months I will have a seasoned and experienced 10 years in this wonderful domain. Throughout the years I have evolved from just the GIS charting guy, to the guy that wanted to learn the other parts about AIS, to the guy that managed and implemented the software change from AIS to AIM, to PANS OPS expert and lecturer. Anyway you get the idea, 10 years is a lot of time and 10 years teach you many things. One thing in particular which I always found difficult was getting help or who to ask questions.


I am an active member of many GIS groups in social media and other platforms, I use twitter, facebook and slack. However I see that aviation is kind of a closed group and not many people want to share their expertise, at least not for free ;). Don’t get me wrong if you can you should earn a living by giving your knowledge to those who need it, however one thing that always stuck with me from the start was something someone taught me “Pay it Forward

So I have decided recently to start a podcast about Aeronautical Information Management, Aeronautical Charting and Instrument Flight Procedure Design as my way to “Pay it Forward” to those of you out there that want to ask questions and don’t know where or just want to hear me talk for about 20-25 minutes about my thoughts on this niche domain.

I will also start blogging more here, I promise this time it will be more consistent. So if you want to hear the podcast just go to my SoundCloud page AIM101 podcast


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