We all have seen it or experience it, there is this one or two staff that work in your unit and god knows they are the Super Stars in your office. They pretty much know that in and outs of everything and they been involved in the arena so long that everyone knows them and respect them; people even do whatever they say because they are the experts in the field except….

  1. Sometimes they are wrong, completely wrong, but who dares to question a legend right? So your team is rowing the wrong direction because shiny star can’t be wrong.
  2. They haven’t updated their skills in a long time so when you come back with suggestions to use CRM, BI, Help Desk they tell everyone that they have been using spreadsheets since day 1 and there is nothing better than them.They obviously know things changed and better things have come (or maybe they have no clue) but they will not risk looking a fool learning something new and loose rock star status
  3. You always get new people, which never get fully trained or adjusted to the post they were hired to. You can’t blame them, it’s just that your Super Star aging with old habits staff Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant just saw young Stephen Curry walk in, and they don’t want to loose their special aura.
  4. Inevitably people get sick, decide to move on, etc….do you really want your whole department or company rely on just one person. That’s a disaster ready to happen.

superstarSo to remedy it, make sure you build a team. One that everybody knows what they are doing and that can help each other out. You always need people to lead but in the long run if they decide to leave you won’t miss them too much since your team will be able to take the slack, you will probably need to hire more people but at least you will have a department/company to run.


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