Just a quick post on what has changed during the last few months

I no longer work for COCESNA, after 11 years working there I decided to try to make it on my own and I am working as an independent aviation consultant. This has to be probably the most trascendental change right now since I left not only my job including its perks to embark on something on my own, but I also moved out of my home country with my wife and two kids

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Last pic at my old job

I spent two months teaching PANS OPS at Singapore Aviation Academy as what was my first gig as an independent aviation consultant teaching the following modules

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PANS OPS students

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Office view at SAA

barovnav - qgis - pans ops - pbn

Class Exercise developed using QGIS

Singapore was great, had students from several parts of the world (map coming in the future) and from different backgrounds, great thing is how now they are equipped to start out in the instrument flight procedure design (IFPD) careers.

Moved to Italy (actually still in the process), this has been quite a mixed feeling as with my family we need to adjust to a new environment, far from what we called home and with a different language. Still in the works but we are getting there.

With my beautiful wife sightseeing at Firenze

My kids before entering the Ferrari Museum at Modena

Firenze just so nice

Teaching a class at Edinburg! Yeah I am going this weekend to be with my friends from Managed-AIS teaching a class. You may have seen some of the cool stuff they do including drone races and expect more collaborations in the near future, really excited about this.

silhouette of big ben surrounded by fog during daytime

Edinburgh, Scotland – Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


I am available as an Independent Consultant on Civil Aviation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Cartography. Amongst the tasks performed are Obstacle Evaluation for compliance with regulations, Safety Assessments, PBN Procedure Design, RNAV and Conventional Procedure design, Airport Master Plan review for compliance with obstacle limitation surfaces, PANS OPS, ATC Line of Sight, Aeronautical Information Management and cartography.

Most recently delivering Instrument Flight Procedure Design training (Conventional, PBN, RNP AR, SBAS) both internally as well as externally on-site. Subject Matter Expert on Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) and Instrument Flight Procedure Design (IFPD)

Visit my website antoniolocandro.com for more info! If you want you can link with me in Linkedin

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Things to do:

  1. I really want to continue the AIM 101 podcast, after I am settled in and I buy better equipment I will try it out again. Need to move out of Soundcloud as the hour limit is not working or I need a sponsor just for hosting.
  2. I am an aeronautical charting guy, not many digital resources there so I want to transform the symbology from ICAO Annex 4 to svg and icons you can use with any software you want (tegola, qgis, mapbox, etc), check my current github aeronautical charting project
  3. Teaching PANS OPS with DOC 8168 it’s well….difficult. I want to develop a workbook with step by step instructions.

All of the above will require me doing it outside of my billable hours, which is a bit complicated. So I will be announcing crowdfunding efforts for each of them to benefit the community. This will allow me to dedicate billable time to the community for the greater good of the aeronautical information management. Hey if you are a company and want to sponsor my time for this let me know. All of the three above materials I want to release in an open license which can benefit everybody.

Finally if you are an aeronautical software company in the AIM/Charting/PANS OPS domain and want me to review your software, I am available to do some testing!

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Ruwan Gomez · August 19, 2019 at 6:47 pm

Hi Antonio,
Wonderful work so far. Keep moving forward with further developments. In case you need support, please contact me anytime! Will do my best!

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