I have been exploring lately more about QGIS automation and how it can fit into my daily workflows, also it is a good exercise for the aging mind to learn new things. I have always been thinking about using PYQGIS for doing a bit more advanced stuff but never had really a chance to dive in. So instead of just letting things continue to pass as they are I have decided I will do #100daysOfPYQGIS similar to the 100 days of Code thing where I will each day dedicate some time to learn about using the QGIS python API together with other python tools.

Since I have become an avid YouTuber and I have my own channel I thought it would be a good idea to document the process in hopes that this will benefit others that may be on the same path or just to motivate people to start learning about PYQGIS. This video talks about how to use PYQGIS to buffer a layer, I go into explaining the buffer processing algorithm, how to write some PYQGIS code for doing a buffer using the documentation as reference and at the end an explanation about my motivation to do PYQGIS learning/coding for 100 days and document the process

Hope you enjoy it and subscribe to the channel


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