In a previous life I used to have a lot of QGZ projects to deal with and had many different layers with different sources when I did aviation charting for an Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), even more than a decade ago I had to deal with lots of projects in Arcview when I used to work at the Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (INE) of Honduras

Common to both jobs is that at some point it would have been nice to have an inventory of all the projects, layers, coordinate reference systems and much more. This would have helped deal with migration processes like moving all of you different shapefiles to a postgis database or to know for specific kind of projects what types of layers are used specially if we are creating some sort of template to follow.

My main software solution at the moment is to use QGIS and has been that way for the past three years almost, I really like the software and has tons of functionality. During the pandemic start I ended up getting lots of courses that I never finished and ideas I never even initiated to work with however this 2022 I really want to commit to stuff that will enhance my workflow and maybe help others.

I have a very basic understanding of scripting with python so nothing too fancy but I have written things that help me out and make my life easier, I also have used a bit of PYQGIS but never to a level that I would feel comfortable with. I decided a few weeks ago that I would do 100 days of learning PYQGIS and I would document it in Youtube along with other stuff I do in my channel.

In this video, I do over how to list project layers using PYQGIS and export them to a CSV file, maybe others will find it useful to tweak and use in their day to day GIS operations!

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