So I work in aviation and the big buzz over the last years (practically the last decade) is something called AIXM or Aeronautical Information Exchange Model, basically its a standardized format so that data can be exchanged (free??) between different aviation sectors. It is based on XML and GML and very complex in nature. On the AIXM forum a question was asked how to get data into a geodatabase, weirdly enough it was by someone working for ESRI so that sparked my curiosity when he said their own solution isn’t enough.

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aixm 5.1

I have in several occasions viewed AIXM data inside QGIS, so I decided to do a video on a possible way of getting AIXM data into a GIS system, since the question was specifically how to get to an ESRI  geodatabase, the video shows that extra step, but once in QGIS you could as easily decide to get the data within spatialite, postgis, etc and even connected to geoserver have a WMS or WFS server for it

Here is the video with some sample data from the AIXM wiki


qgis aixm data

qgis aixm data


Arzu · December 16, 2021 at 12:09 am

Hi Mr. Antonio, Firstly, thank you for your contents. I am working on AIXM data structures, as you know, there are too many variables in AIXM data, I am looking for a full and optimal data set. Containing all variables, not just obstacles. Do you know any such sample data? Is it possible for me to find it?

    admin · December 16, 2021 at 11:33 am

    Currently I would not venture into telling that any of the available download versions can be considered full and optimal dataset. You can try downloading some AIXM datasets from countries that provide those online which you can go to each of the respective AIM portals as I think the list presented here is not up to date

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